Proven building plans for your zero-energy home project.

At TC Legend Homes, the majority of our homebuilding projects have been net-zero-energy or ultra-efficient designs. We take tremendous satisfaction in helping folks in the Pacific Northwest achieve their dream of owning a home that produces enough clean solar electricity to offset all the energy used over the course of a year. As a small, family-owned company, we only have time to build a handful of homes each year. That's why we have decided to share our expertise and field-tested designs with those who live outside of our area and those who would like to build an efficient, affordable zero-energy home themselves.

House Plans Available Now

We have selected a few of our most popular PowerHouse plans and are making them available to the public.

  • Zero-energy house plans that have been tested in the real world
  • Plans are designed for the Pacific Northwest but can be easily modified to achieve net-zero-energy in almost any climate
  • High-resolution plans delivered electronically in PDF or CAD format
  • After you place your order, we will contact you to determine your preferred file format
  • Introductory building plan cost: $500
  • Add $500 for heating, ventilation, building envelope, and window specifications

For a Limited Time

  • Up to two hours of consultation or customization included in purchase price
  • Additional plan modification and customization available at $85/hour

Don't see any plans that fits your needs? We also offer custom design work. Please contact us for more information. We also recommend you visit, the website of Ted Clifton's father (who is also named Ted Clifton).