TC Legend builds homes for a

We have the opportunity to be custodians of this beautiful planet.

We strive to design and build positive-energy homes that are bright and healthy to live in, that power themselves and an electric car, and that are available to all. The future of housing is powered by the sun.

TC Legend is a HUMAN CENTERED building company

More Than a Designer & Builder of Zero-Energy Homes

We are drawn to people with a passion for doing things differently, who dream big and see possibilities beyond the status quo. When you work with us, you get a team that shares your commitment to pushing the performance envelope, that is personally committed to making your home everything you dreamed it could be.

TC Legend is a
Home Building Company

Our Obsession for Efficiency Guides Our Every Move

Building more 100% solar-powered homes in Washington than any other company doesn’t happen by driving up the cost of construction. Instead, we take a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to green building. We have developed efficient practices and an iterative design process that let us build extraordinarily high-performing homes at a cost that’s on par with code-minimum construction.


We’ve spent years refining our net-zero-energy home design approach. And we haven’t waited a moment for the industry or building codes to catch up. We are proud to be pioneers of net-zero-energy home building and design in the Pacific Northwest.

Designed from the Ground Up to Take Advantage of the Sun

Thoughtful design and carefully chosen technology noticeably improve comfort and efficiency for you and your family. Our homes not only power themselves, but they produce enough clean solar electricity to charge an electric car. Once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back.

Sun Powered

Our homes produce more solar energy than they use.

Fresh Air

Ultra efficient indoor air exchange & filtration.

Insulated Panels

Panelized construction provides super insulation.

Solar Oriented

From window placement to roof pitch, our homes work with nature—not against it.

TC Legend is an award-winning builder of ZERO ENERGY HOMES in the Pacific NW

Open kitchen in a net-zero home

We Are Committed To
In Every Home We Build

No matter how innovative or technologically advanced, you can’t call it green building unless it’s built to last. We take great pride in creatively sourcing durable building materials and sweating the details. We believe it is our responsibility to build homes that not only will last for generations but are a joy to live in.

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The build went very smoothly . . . we have a terrific building that has stayed warm and comfortable through some of the coldest temperatures I’ve encountered. The whole team was great to work with . . .

Jared VanderGriend

I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail . . . All the people on their staff from office to job site were courteous, respectful and always had great ideas . . . I would build with them again and again.


Our project turned out very well (even winning awards!) and TC Legend Homes remained a trusted partner who's been available even after we moved in. Would highly recommend this builder!

Andri Kofmehl

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