Happy New Year & TC Legend Updates

by | Jan 5, 2022

This year the TC fam all got Season Passes for Christmas!

In case you didn’t know, we all ski / snowboard… so if we are running a little slow at responding… it’s because we’re probably on the mountain.⛷

Here’s our buddy Jeff Greiner sporting our newest TC merch with Mt Shuksan in the back!

((The same mountain on our logo!))

This summer we hired the infamous mountain graphic artist, Jessica Campbell, to design our logo!

((Thank you, Jessica!! Your work is amazing, and you’re incredible to work with.)) 😍

We wanted our logo to represent the PNW, our love for nature, mountains, passion for sustainability… and of course snow sports. 😆

We now have fleece hoodies, baseball hats (as pictured) and t-shirts!

…which is GREAT for the crew…

The ‘holes-in-the-shirt’ look was looking pretty grungy! 🤣

We have some extra gear that we’ve been selling if you’d like some TC Legend Homes merch!

Email [email protected] for pricing and available gear! Limited sizing, colors and availability.

See below for images of the crew modeling our gear.

The office has been busy with wrapping up the end of year. We are stoked for a fresh new year, new projects and clients!

Looking back at 2021 we accomplished a ton here at TC LEGEND!

  • Scaling up and expanding our Design & Construction family
  • Building four houses at once and wrapping up our 2020 projects
  • New logo design & merch
  • Got our Building Plans website launched!!
  • Winning the 2021 Housing Innovation Award in the Custom for Buyer (>2500 square feet) category!
  • Winning the 2021 Built Green Hammer Award

We hope you and yours had a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday. We are so grateful for you, our community, amazing clients, and our incredible design & construction crew!

Happy New Year!!

Jeff sporting the TC Hat & sweatshirt!
Miles sporting the TC Hat, coming back from lunch break.
Lee sporting the TC Hat.
Senna sporting the TC Hat, T-shirt & sweatshirt (blue)!
Isaac sporting the TC Hat & sweatshirt!

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