Picnic at the Everson Trax Home!

by | Sep 29, 2021

The proud owners of the Everson Home had an open house on Saturday, September 18th and welcomed the TC team, all who participated on the project, and anyone that wanted to see the house to come see the final result!

We don’t often get to see the houses once lived in, so this was a treat for the TC team and Senna who hardly ever gets out of the office!

And talking about treats…. the amazing spread Carrie made up was just outstanding! THANK YOU!!

The Trax family has been busy since moving into their home!

Some features we got to see was their wood workshop, the upstairs office, the kitchen pantry, craft room and their bountiful garden! Talk about #lifegoals.

Fun Fact of the Day!

Did you know that Luffas are plants?!

Yep! The scrubby shower thingy. It’s a plant! Edible too. Apparently they grow very well in our PNW climate. They had some growing in their garden!

Big thanks to the Trax family for all your hospitality and hosting an open house! We absolutely love what you’ve done with the place.

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